In short

We Connect is a small company with short communication lines. Wide accessibility, fast action and a no nonsense personal approach is what characterizes us. We are committed to helping you with a good affordable solution.

We Connect sells and rents healthcare products. We are located in the region of Arnhem (the Netherlands), but we operate nationwide and even abroad when prompted. We do not have a large warehouse, no expensive office building, no showroom nor flashy brochures; that keeps it simple and affordable. We don’t work with office hours. Whether you call on Saturday evening or on Tuesday morning, you are welcome.

In short, we strive for the highest possible service with an affordable product.

Are you not satisfied? Tell us! Are you satisfied? Tell others!!

Jos Janssen and Joel Ruiz

Joel Ruiz

On my own and with much patience and dedication I have built a successful business in Chile. I am proud of that. The key to success is being always available, listening to the customers, responding quick and forget about unnecessary rules. What is possible in Chile, can also succeed in the Netherlands. And that’s how We Connect is arisen.

What motivates us?

  • “I got hit by a car and the homecare organization offered me a high-low bed. But it is not available before 3 days. Can you help me sooner?”
  • “The doctor told me to stay in bed for 6 weeks. But how can I take my bath?”
  • “At home I use a hoist to transfer my husband. But we would like to go on holidays. Can we rent a mobile hoist?”
  • “My mother constantly falls of her bed. I’m afraid something bad will happen. Do you have a solution?”
  • “I would like to visit my daughter in Australia, but I need to have access to oxygen. Do you have a good solution?”

Help solving problems is in our nature, and these questions stimulate us to get the best out of us. We enjoy the relief in the eyes of these people, after quickly solving their problem.logo Stigah
We Connect is Stigah certified!

Jos Janssen

To do those things that make me happy and be proud of. Lots of variation, collaboration, be meaningful and contribute to a better world. Don’t sell nonsense. That’s the way I am. To help and support people, that is my mission and at the same time a great quality. This all comes together at We Connect.


We Connect is a company with short communication lines specialized in home care products. Our passion is to give people a good and affordable solution for their problems.

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