You can best rent an Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator at We Connect

Prompt service

Renting an Inogen One can be arranged very fast, if a rental device is available of course. If necessary we can act imediately , with a pick up on the same day. But normally we need 1 or 2 days to prepare: 

  • create contract and invoice
  • receive your payment and deposit on our account 
  • prepare package and DHL delivery
  • delivery will be the next day (in the Netherlands and Belgium)

We make sure delivery will be in time; you can expect your Inogen at least one day before you leave.

How fast we are at the end of the rental period depends also from you. If you are willing to bring the package to a DHL service point, we will receive the pckage the next day. If ou prefer that it will be picked up at your house, it will take an extra day.  

After inspection you receive your deposit within 5 working days on your account.

Best conditions

We don’t have so much conditions. We expect from you

  • Advanced payment, including a deposit
  • Minimal rental period 1 week, extend weekly
  • Careful tratment of the rented device (Damage or loss will be  deducted from the deposit)
  • To use the device the way it is meant to be
  • Don’t give it to someone else to use
  • Don’t try to fix things yourself if there is any problem

You will rent the Inogen One without a canula so you wil have to bring canulas yourself. 

Attractive price

At We connect you rent an Inogen One from €99 a week. You get or that amount an Inogen One G3 with a single battery. The G3 with a double battery will cost you €125 a week. An extra battery, single or double, will cost you €25 extra. These are the lowest prices you can find in Europe.

As mentioned before, we will take care of a timely delivery and we do that without extra costs for you. So, the days Inogen One is on its way to you, sometimes some extra days to practise or for certainlty and the days needed to send the Inogen back to us, are at our costs. But on the other hand, we can’t be flexible if you need the Inogen for a little over a full week. The price is for a week or part of a week, we don’t calculate a daily price.

Our prices again at a glance:

  • Inogen One G3 with single battery €99 a week or part of a week
  • Inogen One G3 with double battery €125 a week or part of a week
  • Extra battery for Inogen One G3 (single of double) €25 a week or part of a week
  • Delivery and collection €40 (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany; other countries on request)
  • Deposit €1500

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