Rent a patient lifter

Your best and most affordable option of renting an active or passive lifter is at We Connect

Prompt service

Renting a patient lifter can be arranged very fast, if a rental device is available of course. If necessary we can act imediately , with a pick up or delivery on the same day. But normally we need 1 or 2 days to prepare: 

  • create contract and invoice
  • Prepare lifter with the right size sling and loading it into the van
  • planning the delivery and making the appointment
  • delivery itself

If we don’t have a rental device in stock, we need about 5 working days before we have a new patient lifter available.

How fast we can act at the end of the rental period depends our planning and the distance. New deliveries will always have priority, so it might be possible that it will take a few days before we pick up the lifter. If you bring back the lifter yourself, you can make an appointment and most of the time you can come whenever it suits you.


Best conditions

Our conditions are plain and simple. We expect from you

  • Advanced payment, including a deposit
  • Minimal rental period 1 week, extend weekly
  • Careful tratment of the rented device (Damage or loss will be  deducted from the deposit)
  • To use the device the way it is meant to be
  • Don’t give it to someone else to use
  • Don’t try to fix things yourself if there is any problem

Standard you get 1 sling in the right size with your lifter. If you have a need for more or different slings, it is possible to rent them with an additional price.

Attractive prise

At We connect you rent a patient lifter from €125 a month. You get for that amount a mobile passive lifter with 1 standard sling. An extra sling will cost you €25 extra. If available you can chose between a fulsize AKS Clino with 4 points tandem bar or a compact AKS Mini Foldy with standard bar. The Clino is more comfortable, the Mini Foldy easier to bring along and more fitted for small spaces. You can extend the rent with one week for €45 or one month for €125.

These are the lowest prices you can find in Europe.

You can rent an active lifter for €175 a month. That is including a standaid sling and a calf strap. This lifter, the AKS Mini Dualo Active, can be prepared for both an active standaid function and a passive lifting function. If you want both functions you pay €50 a month extra for the extension. So for €225 you have a patient lifter to do both an active and a passive transfer.

Our prices again at a glance:

  • Passive lifter with 1 standard sling size S, M or L €125 a month
  • Extra sling €25 a month; other types of sling on request
  • Active lifter with standaid sling and calf strap €175 a month
  • Active lifter extended with the passive lifter function €50 a month extra
  • Extend the rent of a passive lifter €125 a month or €45 a week
  • Extend the rent of an active lifter €175 a month or €60 a week
  • Extend the rent of the extra passive transfer function €50 a month and €20 a week
  • Delivery and pick-up one time €75, €100 or €125, depending the region
  • No deposit

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