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Your best and most affordable option of renting a high low bed is at We Connect

Prompt service

Back home after surgery or accident? Pregnancy complications? Palliative care? Seriously ill? Renting a high low bed can be a godsend. Wherever you live, We Connect will also serve you!

Renting a high low bed can be arranged very fast, if a rental bed is available of course. If necessary we can act imediately , with a delivery on the same day. But normally we need 1 day to prepare: 

  • create contract and invoice
  • planning the delivery 
  • delivery itself

We Connect has some special habits that work in your advantage:

  • we never charge the day of delivery itself; the rent starts one day later
  • if you need the high low bed after a stay in the hospital or a trip, we will make sure that we install it in sufficient time (if possible). The rent will not start untill the day you return home and starts using the high low bed. The extra day or days will not be charged.

Best conditions

Our conditions are plain and simple. We expect from you

  • Advanced payment, including a deposit
  • Minimal rental period 1 month, extend weekly or monthly
  • Careful treatment of the rented device (Damage or loss will be  charged)
  • To use the device the way it is meant to be
  • Don’t give it to someone else to use
  • Don’t try to fix things yourself if there is any problem

The rental bed is complete with mattress and monkey pole and the height, backrest and knee break are adjustable electrical.

Affordable price

At We connect you rent a high low bed from €99 a month. From a body length of 180cm we advise an extended bed of 220cm. you pay €125 a month for a 220cm long bed. Our beds are beautiful and most are made with many wood elements. We use very stable beds that can be used with patients till 185kg. It is even possible to lay down with the patient or sit at the edge of the bed without any problem.

These are the lowest prices you can find in Europe.

We connect has also a rental bed with the size of 120x200cm and 120x220cm. These beds are specially for people who need their space. The biggest bed has a safe loading capacity of 300kg maximum. The montly rental fee for these beds are €199 (120x200cm, 185kg capacity) and €300 (120x220cm, 300kg capacity)

If you have special requests, don’t hesitate to ask for the possibilities. We Connect wil always try to solve your problem and we will always look for possible solutions.

It is not possible to deliver a bed ready made. We will deliver and install it on the place you want. Even if that means climbing a stairs with your bed. That’s why our minimal rental period is 1 month and why we charge a fee for the installation of your rental bed.

Our prices again at a glance:

  • 90x200cm/90x220cm high low bed complete  €99/€125 a month or part of a month
  • 120x200cm high low bed (185kg) including mattress €199 a month or parth of a month
  • 120x220cm high low bed (300kg) including mattress €300 a month or parth of a month
  • Extend 90x200cm/90x220cm high low bed €99/€125 a month or €35/€45 a week
  • Extend 120x200cm high low bed €199 a month or €70 a week
  • Extend 120x220cm high low bed €300 a month or €105 a week
  • Delivery and pick-up one time €75, €100 or €125, depending the region

Compare rental options

How much is it to rent a high low bed for 4 weeks, inclusief monkey pole, antidecubitus mattress and installation at different options for you?

  • We Connect; between €174 and €224, depending on your living area. Extend for €99 a month or €35 a week
  • Medipoint; €270, in the Netherlands. Extend for €55 a week
  • Vegro; €344,in the Netherlands. Extend for €61 a week
  • Vitalis; Vitalis has a different rental system. You pay €799 for the bed and €199 for the mattress and you pay this only once for the whole period. You can use it as long as you need it. You pay an additional amount for maintenance. This is €14,75 a month or €299 for the whole period. You can only rent a bed at Vitalis if you are 65 years or older.

Questions about a high low bed?

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