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What about insurance and road assistence?

ATTO is a reliable mobility scooter. Designed and produced with durablility in mind. Brushless motor, the best components that are specially designed for ATTO. During assembling, every individual ATTO is tested 4 times before packaging, including a testdrive with a brake test, a vibrating track, a drive test on a 10% slope and a brake test during the  descent of this slope. After this test all individual ATTO’s are thouroughly cleaned and packaged.

You can be confident that your ATTO will be your mobility companion for many years. We believe it will last 7-10 years. Warranty is:

  • Three Year Warranty – Structural frame components, including: mobility scooter chassis, steering mechanism, seat mechanism, rear wheels extensions, welds on entire products.
  • Two Year Warranty – All electronic parts, including controllers and battery chargers. Servicing to the controller or battery charger must be carried out by an authorized Moving Life dealer. Any attempt to open or dismantle these items renders the guarantee void on that item.
  • One Year Warranty – Drivetrain, including: motor, front wheel fork and brake, battery (Gradual deterioration in battery performance due to not following usage instructions specified in owner’s manual or worn out through heavy use is not covered).

In the Netherlands you have the duty to insure your mobility scooter for Liability. Information on the website of the ‘Rijksoverheid‘ is clear about it. “you don’t need a license plate for your mobility scooter. But you need to have an insurance for Liability. An insured vehicle has an insurance identification plate on the back.”  Some people with a folding mobility scooter find it difficult to attach this identification plate at the back of their scooter and chose to carry it along and show it if someone asks them about it.

For liability there are many options and expect to pay between €3 and €6 a month.

You could also consider to insure your ATTO against theft, accidents and other damages. Your ATTO is a valuable piece of equipment and the replacement costs are substantial.

Options in the Netherlands are*:

  • If you are a member of ANWB, you can chose for the “ANWB Scootmobiel insurance“. For a full coverage of damage you pay €104 a year for your ATTO. And ANWB will give you the road assistance free for the first year
  • Many alternatives have the same coverage for about €200 a year
  • Diks” on the other hand has in insurance with the same full coverage for €96

* These options and prices are temporary. Check always the exact conditions and costs. .

Road assistance

We feel you don’t need any road assistance with your ATTO. Your highest risk is that you use it to long and drain out the battery. Carrying your charger with you can solve that problem. But in the rare circumstances that you will have a problem with ATTO that can’t be solved easily by consulting us on the phone, there are a few options in the Netherlands to feel more confident. 

Options in he Netherlands are:

  • Scootmobiel Hulpdienst” has a basic service for €7,95 a month. If there is any problem they come and pick you up from everywhere in the Netherlands.
  • Scootmobiel pechhulp” has a comparable service for €49,95 a year
  • Wegenwacht Scootmobiel Service” van ANWB is only for members and will cost you €53 a year. ANWB will also try to fix the problem at no additional costs


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