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passive travel elevator

If you rely on the use of a passive hoist, it doesn’t mean you have to stay home. A travel elevator can be easily folded and taken with you wherever you want. Small household or only needed occasionally? Even then, a travel elevator is ideal.

active travel elevator

Finding an active elevator that you can easily take with you on location or travel is difficult. Most options are too big, too heavy and not practical. The Torneo Compact is small, maneuverable and easy to split into manageable sections. And yet also suitable for larger persons.

Active/passive combination

If you need to perform both an active and passive transfer, the Dualo is very practical. 2 elevators in 1 so a huge space saving. And also easy to fold up to take with you on location. Do you see the benefits for a small travel group or a small institution?

Don’t be limited, just take your elevator.


It’s a big misconception that you can’t go out because you have to rely on the use of an elevator. The elevator can just go with you.

The Molift Smart 150, for example, weighs only 26kg and can be taken on the plane in its suitcase. Without a case, it is even more compact and this passive elevator can even be easily carried in the car in 2 handy parts of 13kg. The Molift Smart is the very best travel elevator available. If you have to consider a lower budget, there are alternatives. Conec Care has elevators in 3 price ranges that can go with you on location. All of our travel elevators meet the requirements of safety, quality and functionality and can be purchased or rented from Conec Care.

going out with an active elevator

Until recently, it has been difficult to find a suitable active elevator that can easily keep up. But AKS now has the Torneo Compact and Scaleo the Power City. Both are very small and maneuverable active elevators that can easily be taken apart in sections. Thus, such an active elevator is easy to take with you on location and even on the plane.

The AKS Torneo Compact and the Power City are available for purchase and rental at Conec Care.

travel elevator for home

You may choose to use a fixed elevator at home, yet in many cases this is not necessary. The elevators that can travel with you are also great for use at home. A major advantage of travel elevators is the ability to store them compactly for times when you are not using the elevator. And the ability to take them for a day out or a weekend trip.

Would you like to know if a travel elevator is also a suitable solution for your home situation? Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to provide personalized advice.

2 in 1

If you need both functions, for both active and passive transfer, you can of course choose 2 elevators. But Conec Care offers you the option of choosing the SLK Multy Hybrid.

A simple concept with a unique ability to adjust the elevator from the standard passive function to an active application and back again in a matter of moments. This way you save the space for a second elevator.

Because the Multy is easily lowered or folded, it can also be taken on location. If you (also) wish to bring the active version, you do have some separate parts; the brace, footboard and knee support.