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Passive hoists

Conec Care offers an extensive range of passive hoists in its product range. From simple budget hoists, to the top end of the market. Travel hoists and fixed passive hoists for professional environments and powerhouses up to 300kg. All hoists are from reputable European manufacturers.


Active hoists

Conec Care offers a sophisticated range of activehoists. From a simple compact travel hoist in the budget class, to a highly sophisticated hoist that offers each user an individual lifting experience. Piece by piece hoists produced by renowned European manufacturers.


Manual transfers

Conec Care offers a hefty assortment of manual transfer aids. Consider the Raiser and Turner from Etac, as well as the Bea and Betty from United Care. And, of course, sliding sheets, turning cushions, transfer boards and the like. We only supply reputable brands.

Why a transfer aid?

A transfer is the safe movement of a person from one place or surface to another. And an opportunity to train a person to increase an independent function. In either case, the healthcare provider must choose the most efficient and safe method. Pure manpower is usually not the most efficient and safest method. In most cases, using a manual transfer product or a patient hoist is more efficient and safer for both the patient and the caregiver.

But it is also not the intention to automatically use too heavy a tool. If someone has difficulty getting up independently, there are many intermediate steps to take before a passive elevator needs to be used.

At Conec Care, we distinguish between manual transfer aids, active hoists and passive hoists.

Which-transfer aids

Rent a hoist

Would you like to rent a patient elevator? Conec Care has several elevators and the Etac Raiser in its permanent rental range. We are particularly strong in our range of travel elevators. And of course, these may also be taken abroad for a well-deserved vacation. Will you be flying? Then we recommend the Molift Smart as a passive elevator and the AKS Torneo Compact as an active elevator.

In addition to our regular assortment, we are open to any custom request.