Patient hoist rental

active and passive

sale and rental of travel elevators

also suitable for home use

passive hoists

Conec Care specializes particularly in the rental of travel hoists. We offer travel hoists for rent in 3 price ranges. If you are looking for a home or an institution, we have options too, with or without an electric tilting suspension.

active hoists

Conec Care has several options for renting an active hoist. Are you going out? Do you temporarily need an active hoist at home? Does your question concern an institution? For every situation, Conec Care has a suitable option.

Manual standing aid

If standing up is difficult, but the step to an active hoist is still a bit too big, then the Raiser is a nice intermediate step. The person stands up with their own muscle power, but can pull themselves up on the rack.

Fast service

Renting a hoist can be arranged quickly, provided a rental device is in stock of course. In an emergency, we can act very quickly, including same-day pickup if necessary. But as a rule, we need 1-2 days for:

  • drawing up of contract and invoice
  • prepare the elevator and load it into the bus
  • include the trip in the planning and make an appointment
  • the delivery itself (unless you come to pick it up yourself)

If a rental elevator is not in stock, we will need approximately 5 business days to put in a new elevator.

At the end of the rental agreement, the speed also depends on our schedule and the distance. We always prioritize new deliveries, so you may have to wait a few days for the elevator to be picked up at your facility. If you deliver yourself, then of course there is no waiting time, you can usually come by appointment at your convenience.

Our passive hoists

Conec Care rents out 4 types of mobile passive hoists. 3 compact hoists in 3 different price ranges with a limited turning radius, ideal for vacations or on-site use. And a fullsize collapsible hoist with a tandem bar (4 staggered suspension points) for greater comfort. The latter hoist is primarily for home use, but can also be taken on location.


No tools needed to fold in or out


Including sling


Additional sling or special type as an option


From €175 per month, plus delivery charges. Additional sling from €25 per month


Ask about the discount scheme when buying from rental

Our active hoists

Conec Care has a few different types of active hoists for rent. Which type is most suitable for you depends very much on your situation and your plans. If you are going to be on the road, then the Torneo Compact from AKS is the best option. You can easily split it into 2 larger and 2 smaller parts. This makes the hoist easy to transport and store. If the hoist does not need to be taken on location, then this Torneo Compact is also practical in the home, due to its small size and very small turning radius.

For more fixed conditions and in an institution, we recommend the Molift Quick Raiser 2. An active hoist that thrives in any circumstance, even in a professional environment. This active hoist is praised for its comfortable lifting motion.

If you do need an active stand-up aid, but a motorized aid is not really necessary yet, consider the Molift Raiser. An ideal stand-up aid that is quickly deployable for anyone who needs just a little extra help.

If you have a specific question or circumstance, please let us know. We are happy to think along with you and make you a customized proposal.

2 in 1 for rent

Conec Care also rents the AKS Dualo XL. The unique feature of this hoist is that either a passive or active function can be performed.

By default, the Dualo XL is a passive hoist, almost identical to the Clino XL. Pleasantly smooth wheels and electronics from Linek; fast, quiet and reliable. But if you take out the passive bracket, you can put the active bracket in its place. With the footrest and knee support extra, you then have an active hoist in no time.

The active version of the Dualo XL, shown here, is a great alternative to the Torneo Compact, if you find it too small. The Dualo XL can also be folded and carried around and is a great active hoist for home or on location. The Dualo does use an ‘upper grip’, the hands have a higher position than you are used to.