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The Atto folding mobility scooter is the best folding mobility scooter in the market. In 10 seconds you fold out the Atto into a full-fledged mobility scooter. In trolley mode it is easily manageable and it splits into two manageable parts. This lightweight mobility scooter is ideal for travelling, you even take it on the plane!


The most practical folding mobility scooter


'trolley mode'

You fold ATTO in 10 seconds. ATTO then turns into a very compact and easy to move and store case. You simply pull ATTO behind you. And it fits in any corner or car.



With a little practice, you fold out ATTO within 10 seconds and have access to a full-size mobility scooter where you can stretch out your legs for more comfort.



If ATTO is too heavy to lift, you split it into 2 manageable parts in no time. And just as easily, you put the whole thing back together for use. Very unique and practical!

ATTO, still the top!


We have known ATTO for several years but it is still up to date. For example, it has recently been further improved with new software.

A wonderful mobility scooter that offers maximum mobility. You take it in any car in no time, it can go on the plane. Wherever you go, you have access to a full-fledged mobility scooter. And when you want to move on again, the ATTO is back in the boot of the car within half a minute.

In addition to the beautiful standard ATTO, a new top-of-the-line model has now been added to the collection, the ATTO sport. A mobility scooter for the true connoisseur.


A modern, fresh look


Folded in and out in 10 seconds


Split into 2 parts in an instant


Just stretching out the legs


Height adjustable chair


6 km/h


High stability


Space for extra luggage


Further improved with latest software

What makes the ATTO unique?


ATTO is an example of how a user-friendly mobility scooter should be. Everything works intuitively, logically and simply.

great stability

Because the rear wheels slide outward for a large wheel width and the seat moves your weight low and centrally between the rear wheels, the ATTO is extremely stable.

easy to carry

Folding in and out is also easy and intuitive. If the ATTO is still too heavy for you, you can easily and quickly split it up and reassemble it later.

high ground clearance

ATTO has 10 cm of ground clearance, making it very suitable for somewhat rougher conditions. With this space under the bottom, you won’t get stuck so easily.

seat in 4 positions

ATTO has a seat that can be adjusted to 4 heights. According to your needs, we easily customize it for you. There are 3 positions for adults and 1 for a child.

LED display with USB charger

ATTO is equipped with an easy to read and simple to operate LED display. It is also equipped with a USB charger to charge your phone during your ride.

NEW! The Atto Sport

Moving Life is always evolving. We proudly present the newest top model ATTO foldable mobility scooter, the
ATTO Sport

THE ATTO Sport is the most luxurious folding mobility scooter anyone could wish for. Based on the user experiences of the Moving Live ATTO, this additional expanded ATTO has been developed with additional features.

For example, this ATTO is equipped with an extra disc brake, it has lights at the front and rear, it has an illuminated LCD screen a powerful battery and spring-loaded puncture-proof tires.

Curious? Learn more about the ATTO sport or schedule a test drive.



Why an ATTO mobility scooter?

Because you can travel independently with ATTO

There is no longer a need to prepare your trip in detail and call in helpers. The complete operation can easily and intutively be done by most people by themselves.

Because you can easily take ATTO with you in any vehicle

ATTO folds up so small, you can take it in any car, train, bus, boat and even on the plane. and if ATTO is too heavy, simply split it into 2 lighter parts.


Because ATTO is very sturdy and durable

ATTO is assembled with high quality in-house designed components. This makes the ATTO durable and easy to maintain!

Because ATTO is a joy to watch

The eye wants something too and ATTO is just fun to watch. If you pass by with an ATTO, you’ll be looked over with a smile, and probably often asked how you got that cute little cart

ATTO is improved

  • Increased capacity up to 120kg
  • longer battery life: up to 20km
  • stronger and quieter motor
  • automatic braking on a slope
  • Changing speed while driving
  • automatic shutdown after 20 unused minutes
  • Improved error indication with more details


ATTO with left hand control

ATTO has its throttle lever on the right as standard. Although an ATTO is also fine to operate with the left hand, some people prefer to operate it on the left. As an option, the ATTO can be equipped with controls on the left side. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a control on the left and right.


Rent an Atto folding mobility scooter

Sometimes your need for a folding mobility scooter is only temporary, such as for a vacation or injury. Sometimes you want to put your new mobility scooter through its paces before you buy. In that case, renting an Atto mobility scooter is ideal.

Conec Care rents ATTO by the week or month. Longer periods are also possible, of course, upon special request.

Your rental ATTO comes with a liability coverage within Europe.



An ATTO must be experienced

We don’t get to talk about the ATTO but really you just have to experience an ATTO for yourself.

At Conec Care, we believe it is important that our customers receive accurate information so they can make a sound decision. That’s why you can always take a test drive with us without any obligation.

We are happy to take the time to tell you all about the ATTO. By trying it out in real life, you can feel how it rides and how easy it is to fold and handle.