Manual transfer aids

sales of manual transfer aids

for consumers and professionals

In addition to active and passive elevators, there are a variety of manual transfer aids that can be used to position a patient, help them get up or sit and support them. Too many to mention. Think of standing aids like the Etac Raiser and Turner, the Bea and Betty from United Care, but also sliding sheets, turning cushions, transfer boards, and so on.

It is preferable to use manual transfer aids if a motorized elevator is not yet necessary. One should always try to use the most appropriate tool. An elevator is always an option.

Conec Care can provide you with transfer aids from several reputable manufacturers. There is so much possible, that it is impossible to mention everything on this site and to show it in our shop. We are happy to receive from you what you are looking for a solution to and together we will look at which option best suits your situation.