Inogen One G5

The powerful portable oxygen concentrator

Inogen One G5 provides you with the latest technology and improvements. The G5 has 6 settings with higher maximum oxygen production and longer battery life. The G5 with an 8 cell battery lasts so long that it is sufficient for most people. This way you save 500grams in weight.

The G5 comes with an improved bag and a future option to connect to your smartphone.

1-6 settings

With 6 settings, this small device is very powerful.

Lightweight and longer battery life

With the single battery for up to 6.5 hours of autonomy, the weight is only 2.15 kg. With the dual battery for up to 13 hours of autonomy, the weight is 2.6 kg.

Inogen One G5

The smallest portable oxygen concentrator

Lightweight oxygen concentrator with long battery life

The all-new Inogen One G5 is ideal for flying. Small and light and the battery life is huge; with a double battery you can use the device for up to 13 hours. The popular set with a double and a single battery gives you an impressive autonomy of up to 19.5 hours!

This POC (portable oxygen concentrator) is as you would expect with Inogen’s devices. It is very easy to operate and it is very small and light. But it is the most powerful device in Inogen’s lineup and can generate up to 1260ml of oxygen in 6 settings. A 6 position POC with this size and such an impressive battery life is the dream for anyone who depends on supplemental oxygen.

The Inogen One G5 comes with a new and improved shoulder bag and is prepared to communicate with your smartphone. And of course, like all Inogen devices, just easy to clean and no other maintenance required. And if the columns need to be replaced, you will be warned in time and you can easily do it yourself.

Inogen G5 oxygen concentrator specifications

Inogen-G5 oxygen concentrator


2.15kg with single battery and only 2.6kg with double battery



Height: 20, 7 cm, width 8, 31 cm and length 18, 26 cm


Noise level

38 dBA at setting 2


Flow settings

6 Pulse flow settings, adjustable from 1 to 6


Battery life

Single battery up to 6.5 hours

Dual battery up to 13 hours

Conec Care

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