Inogen One G3

Renowned portable oxygen concentrator

Inogen One G3 is a great option for almost everyone. The G3 is small and light and has long lasting battery life, so very practical to use. the G3 has now more than proved its worth.

1-5 settings

With 5 settings, this little device is a real powerhouse!

Lightweight and long battery life

With the single battery, for up to 4 hours of autonomy, the weight is only 2.2 kg. With the dual battery, for up to 9 hours of autonomy, the weight is 2.7 kg.

Inogen G3

Freedom with a portable oxygen concentrator

Don’t be limited if you depend on oxygen

What have you given up since you started your oxygen therapy? Where would you want to go what do you want to do? With the Inogen One G3, almost anything is possible.

This POC (portable oxygen concentrator) is designed to make your life easier. The G3 is very easy to operate and so small and light, you have to see and feel it to believe it. But this little device can generate up to the equivalent of 5 liters per minute with 5 settings, and the battery lasts for hours. This offers tremendous opportunities for getting out and about.

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder why anyone would use anything else. Embrace the simplicity of these portable oxygen concentrators from Inogen and stop worrying about whether you have enough oxygen.

Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator specifications

Inogen-One-G3 oxygen concentrator


2.2kg with single battery and only 2.7kg with double battery



Height: 18 cm, width 8 cm and length 22 cm


Noise level

39 dBA *


Flow settings

5 Pulse flow settings (up to an equivalent of 5 liters per minute), adjustable from 1 to 5


Battery life

Single battery up to 4, 5 hours *

Dual battery up to 9 hours *

* In setting 2

Conec Care

Conec Care is an official distributor of Inogen. We rent and sell Inogen throughout Europe and through our sister companies also in Kenya and South America. You can visit us upon request, but we are happy to come to you for a demo.

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