Inogen at Home

the oxygen concentrator for home

Inogen at Home is a breakthrough in continuous flow stationary oxygen concentrators. It is small and lightweight, quiet and incredibly economical.

1-5 settings

With 5 settings, the ‘at Home’ produces up to 5 liters per minute in continuous flow.

Lightweight, quiet and economical

At just over 8kg, it can be easily moved from one place to another. Some people decide to use it in an RV, or take it on vacation to use in the hotel.

Inogen at home

Small, quiet and economical oxygen concentrator

Smallest and lightest home concentrator

Weighing only 8, 2kg, the Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator is the smallest and lightest home concentrator available. It is about 6 kg lighter than its nearest competitor and is quieter than a refrigerator. The Inogen at Home uses less electricity, saving you up to €250 per year. The slim and compact shape is designed to be unobtrusive and easy to transport.

Easy to use and maintain

With its 3-button controls, this unit is easy to use and maintain. For longevity, you need do nothing more than wipe the outside of the unit with a damp cloth. Also, the particle filter on the side of the unit should be removed and cleaned weekly; it is best to use a mild dishwashing detergent and tap water to rinse it out. This simple, hassle-free maintenance will keep your machine running smoothly.

Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator specifications



8.2 kg



33cm length x 17.5cm width x 41, 9cm height


Noise level

45 dBA *


Flow settings

Up to 5 liters per minute, continuous flow


Power consumption

100 watts *

* per MDS-Hi on setting 2

Conec Care

Conec Care is an official distributor of Inogen. We rent and sell Inogen throughout Europe and through our sister companies also in Kenya and South America. You can visit us upon request, but we are happy to come to you for a demo.

Call us at + 31 85 48 99 400 for an appointment or for more information.