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shower trolleys

Conec Care can provide you with shower trolleys from Lopital and United Care. These manufacturers have a nice range of simple hydraulic to more luxurious and electric models. Together we will consider what product best suits you in terms of price and specifications.

shower-toilet chairs

There are many options when looking for a shower/toilet chair. Depending on your needs and budget, we will look at your best solution. We supply products from Etac, lopital and United Care. From simple to tiltable and height adjustable. For obese individuals, we can also divert to products from Cobi Rehab.

weighing equipment

It is not obvious that a person in need of care can stand on a standard 30x30cm scale. Medical weighing equipment must meet specific requirements to be suitable. We choose the affordable weighing equipment from the German company Kern, because of their extensive range and good quality and service.

Class 3 weighing equipment


In the EU, scales intended for use as medical devices require a Class III calibration. With this calibration, you can be sure, that the weight indicated by the scale is correct and within certain ranges.

All weighings intended for observation, diagnosis, and medical treatment of patients are classified as medical measurements. It is tempting to think that this Class III calibration is not necessary in your case. Perhaps you think your measurements are not medical. But it is a small additional investment that allows you to do an appropriate weighing immediately in the event that a medical weighing does become suddenly necessary, for example due to medication needs.

Conec Care supplies Class III calibrated personal scales, wheelchair scales, weighing chairs, platform scales and baby scales.


shower and toilet chairs


Personal care is very important when you need care. On the one hand for hygiene and skin health, but certainly also for self-esteem. For almost everyone, feeling fresh is important.

However, for many people in need of care, going to the toilet and getting a good freshening up is quite an undertaking. It takes a lot of energy and is sometimes even painful. That’s why there are tools to help you have the most pleasant toilet, shower or bath experience possible with the least amount of impact.

Shower chairs come in many types from very simple to feature rich. Basically, a shower chair is a chair with wheels that allows a patient to be wheeled to the shower and shower while seated. Often the chair is also suitable for riding over the toilet. Or a bedpan can be attached after which toileting can be done on the chair next to the bed.

There are also shower chairs that can be adjusted in height and tilted. We can determine together in a personal meeting which solution suits you best.


shower trolleys

When sitting is no longer possible, a shower trolley can be a godsend. It can be set up next to the bed at the same height and the patient can be moved from the bed onto the shower stretcher. The unit can be wheeled with the patient to the bathroom for a lying down shower.

There are types with hydraulic and with electric height adjustment. Furthermore, there are types with back adjustment. A shower trolley is available in different sizes and is also available for obese patients.

also for obese people

It is difficult to provide proper hygiene in obese caregivers. The weight, the large body surface area, the many skin folds; all of these make it difficult to properly wash and dry a caring obese person. Skin problems are therefore always lurking.

A shower trolley provides an ideal and safe environment to provide optimal hygiene to bedridden individuals. Other individuals benefit from a shower chair. Ideally, such a shower chair should also be usable as a toilet chair.

 are extremely suitable and available with a capacity of up to 350kg and a width of up to 89cm (inside of the mattress). We supply shower/toilet chairs up to a weight of 325kg and with or without wheels.