high-low beds

in all shapes and sizes

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sale and rental of high-low beds

for consumers and professionals

standard bed

Conec Care has a number of types of high-low beds in the standard size 90x200cm. The simplest version is the Ecofit S. This bed can also be supplied with decorative cover panels at the head and foot end (see illustration) and with other types of wood. In addition, Conec Care offers some more luxurious versions for home or institution.

special bed

Conec Care can also supply beds with different sizes, capacities and functions. Most requested is a longer and or wider bed, whether or not combined with a higher capacity for obese persons. Sometimes people ask for an extra low bed and of course Conec Care can meet this demand.

bed in bed

In case you share the bed with a partner, are attached to a certain design or both, Conec Care can also provide you with a Bed-in-Bed system. This comfortable bed base with high-low unit, fits any crib. It offers you great comfort and every function you think you will need, now or in the future.

why a high-low bed?

A high-low bed, also called a nursing bed or home care bed, offers:

Reduced strain on the caregiver’s or nurse’s back due to the high/low function of the bed.

Optimal lying comfort and safety by:

  • the various adjustment positions, easily electrically operated
  • a very comfortable mattress, often with memory foam against bedsores
  • side restraints
  • easier entry and exit through the high/low function

Our beds all comply with the European standard IEC 60601-2-52.


The most distinctive feature of a high-low bed is, of course, its ability to be adjusted in height. All our beds are electrically adjusted in height and standard is a height adjustment of about 40-80cm. Some beds can be lower to as much as 7.5cm off the ground.

If the bed is prepared to have front and rear height adjustments separately, it is called (anti)Trendelenburg. This Trendelenburg function is used for certain complaints, mostly to promote blood flow to certain areas of the body.

With all our beds it is also possible to adjust the backrest. This allows you to easily sit upright In bed. It is also practical to use this feature to easily get in or out of bed. With the backrest up, all you have to do is make a rotation. Raising or lowering can be easily controlled with the hand control.

Finally, there is the adjustment of the knee bend and the foot end. The knee bend is always adjusted electrically, the foot end adjustment is sometimes also a mechanical adjustment.



obese beds

For people with (morbid) obesity, a bed of 120cm or 140cm wide is comfortable. It gives them more room to move around in bed and that brings a sense of security. Conec Care has several extra wide beds in its range. The capacity of these beds ranges from 150kg to 500kg. We can supply beds up to a size of 140x240cm.

Available for rent is a bed of 120x200cm with 185kg capacity and a bed of 120x220cm with 300kg capacity.

also for rent

Sometimes your need for a high-low bed is only temporary. Sometimes you don’t want to have to worry about the bed, even if it’s not needed later. In that case, renting is ideal. Conec Care rents standard high-low beds, but also some special beds, such as extra low, extra long, extra wide and extra firm.

The bed you rent is delivered complete with mattress and parrot and installed at the location of your choice. And when finished, the bed is disassembled and disposed of. You don’t have to worry about it.