Hi-Lo bed rental

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sale and rental of high-low beds

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Renting a high-low bed is a labor-intensive service and Conec Care can only perform it if there is room to plan the placement in advance and if renting for a longer period (minimum of 3 months). In an emergency, we can act very quickly, possibly even on the same day, but only in the Arnhem area. Elsewhere in the country we cannot do an emergency placement. As a rule, we need a few days for:

  • drawing up of contract and invoice
  • preparing the bed and loading it into the bus
  • include the trip in the planning and make an appointment
  • the delivery and installation itself

At the end of the rental agreement, the speed also depends on our schedule and the distance. We always prioritize new deliveries, so you may have to wait a few days for the bed to be picked up at your place.

Our standard rental bed


Conec Care rents as a standard rental bed the Ecofit S Plus (see photo). We install the bed in the place you want. If you are hospitalized, we will already place the bed so that you can use it immediately when you return home. We will then make the rental start only from the day you return home.


Mattress and parrot included


extension to 220cm is possible and recommended from a body height of 180cm


From €99 per month, plus installation costs


Ask about the discount scheme when buying from rental

Our extra wide bed

Sometimes there is a preference for an extra wide bed to have more room in bed. This way there is more room to turn, someone can more easily sit on the edge of the bed or even join it. it’s really not that only. obese individuals desire an extra wide bed.

Conec Care has 2 types of 120cm wide beds for rent. One bed has a size of 120x200cm and is suitable for persons up to 185kg. The other bed, see photo, has a size of 120x220cm and has a capacity of up to 300kg. Both beds come with a matching mattress. A parrot can be included, but is not suitable for extreme loading.

extra-low bed

Sometimes a standard bed is too high to get out comfortably in the lowest position. Sometimes it is extra safe to set the bed as low as possible for persons who fall out of bed easily. Conec Care has a bed for rent with the lowest position being 22cm (excluding mattress).

Note: Conec Care also has a bed in its range with a lowest position of 7.5cm. If you wish to rent that bed, we will need to make a separate arrangement for that.