Conec Care

Who are we?


Conec Care is a quirky company that helps people with homecare products for a life with more freedom. A ‘no-nonsense’ personal approach is what characterizes us: short lines of communication, ample accessibility, fast delivery. We are passionate about helping you find a great, affordable solution for your premium homecare device.


what we stand for


Our work is about people. In our opinion, there is only one approach to this – personally!


All of our products are well thought out, we only provide the best fitting solution.



No one likes to wait, if we can’t escape it we look for an alternative to bridge the gap.

extra step

Our goal is to make your life better. For that, we always go that extra mile.

Joel Ruiz

Under my own steam and with a lot of patience and dedication, I built a successful healthcare equipment company in Chile. I am proud of that. The core of success is always being available, listening carefully to the customer, responding quickly and no unnecessary rules. What can be done in Chile can also be done in the Netherlands. And so Conec Care was born.



Jos Janssen

Doing those things that make me happy and proud. Enjoying variety, cooperating, being meaningful and contributing to a better world. Don’t sell nonsense. Such is my nature. Helping and supporting people is my mission and at the same time a great quality. At Conec Care, this all comes together.