Comparison ATTO and ATTO Sport

which one should you choose?

The atto folding mobility scooter is already known as a fantastic solution to be mobile even on location. With the introduction of the Atto Sport, you can now opt for even more luxury. Many people choose the newer and more luxurious ATTO Sport as a matter of course. But is that always the right decision? Some people are fine with the cheaper and simpler standard ATTO. In this blog, we look at the main differences and why you should choose which type.


Similarities between the ATTO and the ATTO sport foldable mobility scooter

The new ATTO Sport is essentially the same as the standard ATTO. Same concept, folds in and out the same way, same size and about the same weight. Yet there are important differences.


The differences between the ATTO and the ATTO SPORT

Upon receiving the standard ATTO, we received many responses from customers with wishes. Many of those wishes were incorporated by Moving Life into the new ATTO Sport. Let’s take a look at the differences?


  • Color, the colors show very clearly which ATTO you are dealing with. The white is the standard ATTO, the anthracite gray is the ATTO Sport. There is no exception to that
  • Handbrake, the ATTO Sport has an additional handbrake. The standard ATTO only brakes with the help of the motor
  • Lighting, the ATTO Sport has built-in lighting. One row of LEDs on either side on the frame. And a red LED in the rear handle. This LED can be constantly on, as well as flashing, and the battery is rechargeable.
  • Speed, ATTO Sport can drive up to 10km/h, the standard ATTO only up to 6km/h
  • Cruise control, If you press the minus and plus button at the same time and hold for a moment, the ATTO Sport will hold the set speed. Also when you release the throttle. To brake, randomly press 1 of the buttons or the handbrake. Then this cruise control also shuts down. If you don’t really want to brake, but want to take control of the speed again, you can press the throttle. The cruise control will then turn off and the ATTO Sport will continue to drive at the speed you set.
  • Luxury, The ATTO Sport is a bit more luxuriously equipped with synthetic leather elements on the seat and the handles.
  • Shock-absorbing tires, The tires of the ATTO Sport are solid tires with holes all around. These holes ensure that at unevenness and speed bumps, the tires spring back a little for a more comfortable ride
  • Remote Control, The ATTO Sport is equipped with a remote control that can turn the ATTO Sport on and off. Disabled also really means out. The display is then not operable and the ATTO Sport cannot be used
  • Sport MAX, The ATTO Sport can be upgraded to the ATTO Sport Max for heavier people. The standard ATTO and ATTO Sport are approved for people up to 120kg. The ATTO Sport Max is suitable up to a weight of 136kg. The wheels are replaced for wheels that can support a higher weight, and new software ensures that it remains safe, even with a weight of up to 136kg. Please note that the speed is limited to 6km/h. This is to ensure stability even when the driver’s weight is higher.

Shock-absorbing tires on the ATTO SPORT

ATTO track-extra brake

Handbrake on the ATTO SPORT


The ATTO SPORT has lighting in the front and rear

Buying tips, choose the right folding mobility scooter

To help you choose which ATTO is most suitable for you, I list a number of arguments along with the choice that makes the most sense to me.

When do you choose the standard ATTO?

  • If you are not so good at walking distances and you want a simple solution for this, a folding mobility scooter that is easy to operate and otherwise simple
  • If you are always with a partner or if speed is not otherwise important
  • If your budget is limited
  • If you like a white mobility scooter, nicer than a dark one


When to choose an ATTO Sport?

  • If you don’t like white and you like anthracite gray
  • If you always want the best and the newest model
  • If you get impatient with only 6 mph and you often ride alone
  • If you want the most comfortable foldable mobility scooter
  • If 1 of the differences is very important to you and you have the budget for an ATTO Sport

I hope this buying help has helped you and you can come to a good personal consideration. If not, I invite you to contact us. In a personal conversation, we are very happy to help you with your choice. And of course you are also welcome to come and admire and try out both ATTOs.


An ATTO must be experienced

We don’t get to talk about the ATTO but really you just have to experience an ATTO for yourself.

At Conec Care, we believe it is important that our customers receive accurate information so they can make a sound decision. That’s why you can always take a test drive with us without any obligation.

We are happy to take the time to tell you all about the ATTO. By trying it out in real life, you can feel how it rides and how easy it is to fold and handle.