ATTO Sport

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Moving life is always evolving. While the ATTO is known as the most innovative folding mobility scooter on the market, the team at Moving Life still managed to outdo themselves. We proudly present the brand new Atto Sport!

The most advanced folding mobility scooter

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'trolley mode'

You fold ATTO in 10 seconds. ATTO then turns into a very compact and easy to move and store case. You easily pull ATTO behind you on its large wheels.



With a little practice, you fold out ATTO within 10 seconds and have access to a full-fledged, stable mobility scooter where you can stretch out your legs for more comfort.



If ATTO is too heavy to lift, you split it into 2 manageable parts in no time. And just as easily, you put the whole thing back together for use. Very unique and practical!

Get to know ATTO Sport


The Atto Sport is a perfect combination of high-quality functionality and advanced design. We like to think of it as the sports car among mobility scooters. Racing inspired design!

”As the newest addition to the Movinglife range, the Atto Sport has all the safety and comfort features of the classic Atto mobility scooter, but offers extra performance, an extra-modern look and extra features you’re sure to enjoy. Moving Life has retained the market-leading functionality of the ATTO: changing from ‘drive mode’, through ‘trolley mode’ and ‘compact mode to split mode’ and back again in seconds.

ATTO Sport and the classic ATTO are both perfect travel companions. The ATTO Sport is slightly more luxuriously equipped than ATTO, but fundamentally they are the same and unsurpassed in ease of use, handling, comfort and durability.


What makes the ATTO Sport so special?

Additional disc brake

For added safety, ATTO Sport is equipped with a modern front disc brake. The hand control is on the left. You don’t need to use the brake, ATTO Sport brakes fine on the motor. But the additional handbrake is added to enhance your sense of security.

Illuminated LCD screen

With an improved LCD screen, you can easily see what speed is set and how long the battery lasts. You can change speed while driving and set a cruise control for extra relaxation. Of course, the USB charging point has been retained.

Lighting front and rear

Moving Life has listened very carefully to its customers. There was a lot of demand for lighting. Nice LED lights in front, makes you see better where you drive. And along with a flashing tail light, you are more visible to other road users….

Sprung leak proof wheels

ATTO Sport’s wheels are solid puncture-resistant tires. But because of the recesses all around, these wheels can be sprung, which greatly increases ride comfort. For the special MAX version, separate wheels have been developed that can carry a higher weight.

Unprecedented stability

As we already know from the familiar ATTO, the rear track width is extra wide after folding out. Together with the seat design and new safety features in the software, the ATTO and ATTO Sport offer unprecedented stability.

Powerful battery

The ATTO Sport also has the familiar powerful battery with 20km range. Charging can be done easily in the ATTO, or with the battery detached. The convenient handle allows you to carry the battery safely. Of course, this battery is approved to be taken on the plane.


ATTO Sport also comes in an extra reinforced version with a capacity of up to 136kg. If you have an ATTO Sport and would like to modify it to an ATTO Sport MAX, you can.

ATTO Sport MAX has a maximum speed of 6km/h and a maximum driving range of 17km. The wheels are stiffer than on the regular ATTO Sport to provide good suspension function at the higher weights.



The Shabbat control module is also available for the ATTO Sport MAX.


Movinglife is proud to introduce the SHABBATTO – the world’s most advanced, stylish folding mobility scooter, now halachically approved for use on Shabbat by the Zomet Institute in Israel.

The SHABBATTO control meets the strictest halachic requirements. Whereas most Shabbat mechanisms on the market depend solely on the Gramma principle, the SHABBATTO control unit, designed in close cooperation with the Zomet Institute, offers a more advanced and improved solution that includes (but is not limited to) both the Gramma, and a “continuous flow change” method.

Classic ATTO

Of course, the ATTO Sport is a great folding mobility scooter. but not everyone needs the extra luxury. The classic ATTO folding mobility scooter has proven itself amply in practice. Want to know more about the differences between the two versions or wonder which one suits you best? Then feel free to contact us or check out the product page of the classic ATTO.