Foldable mobility scooter rental

Choose freedom

When walking is no longer easy for you, it doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. Renting a folding mobility scooter promotes your freedom. And when you choose ATTO, you choose a perfect solution to still remain mobile.

Within 10 seconds you can fold ATTO in or out and in an instant you split ATTO into 2 lighter parts. In short, ATTO is your ideal travel companion!

If buying is not an option or if you want to test ATTO thoroughly first, then renting is ideal.


How does renting an ATTO folding mobility scooter work?


Determine how you will travel and what your destination will be

It is important for us to know if you will be flying and what your destination is. It is also important for us to know if you will take a cruise, this in connection with insurance.


Determine your exact travel dates

You will always receive ATTO well in advance of your trip.

Determine if you want accessories

Think crutch holders, seat cushions and armrests.

Decide whether you want to collect or have it delivered

Realize that when you come to pick it up, you will also receive a thorough demonstration.


Send a reservation with all details

Name, address, phone number, email, travel dates, how you are traveling, what your destination is, any accessories you would like, and whether we are transporting for you or you are coming to pick it up.


We ensure that everything is prepared well in advance

We will make the contract, invoice and send it to you in time. Furthermore, we will contact you to agree on when you will come to pick up or when you can expect ATTO to be delivered.


Please get in touch if you have any questions or uncertainties

If you have any doubts or are unsure if ATTO is an appropriate solution for you, don’t hesitate to call us or have us call you back.

ATTO, ideal for travelling


Especially when you travel, mobility is important. You don’t travel to sit on the couch elsewhere, do you? With the ATTO cfoldable mobility scooter, there is no need to do so. Wherever you want to go, the ATTO will get you there. A ‘walk’ on the boulevard, a visit to a museum, shopping; it’s all possible with this fantastic mobility scooter.

You take your ATTO with you in car, bus or plane. And on the spot, you are mobile in and around your home or hotel, as well as when you go out by car or cab. Within seconds, you turn this case into a full-fledged mobility scooter and vice versa. Nothing should stand in the way of you enjoying your vacation to the fullest.



What does it cost to rent an ATTO folding mobility scooter?


Minimum of 1 week

ATTO folding mobility scooter rental can be from 1 week and the rental is per whole week. The cost for a week is €150, which includes the mandatory third-party insurance. From 4 weeks the rent is €500 per month. Longer terms on request.


Transport costs

Free demo on pickup

You are welcome to pick up ATTO in Arnhem. If you bring it back there as well you don’t pay any costs. In addition, you will then also receive an educational demonstration. Shipping the ATTO is of course no problem either. This costs €50 each way within the Netherlands and Belgium.



€250 deposit

ATTO is an expensive folding mobility scooter and therefore we ask you for a deposit of €250. After returning it damage free, you will receive the deposit back within 5 working days. The insurance is only for damage to third parties.


Good to know!

Third Party Insurance

European coverage

Within Europe, and some countries around it, your rental ATTO is covered for liability. It is not possible for us to provide World coverage and or All Risk insurance for you. So ‘own damage’ and damage outside this area are not covered. You will then be liable for this.



ATTO was created with flying in mind. Often ATTO can then join you in the cabin, but unfortunately no one can guarantee that. In order to keep our rental ATTOs clean and not to take unnecessary risks, you can fly ATTO only if you protect it with box or travel bag. The box is free, you rent the travel bag for €25 per week.

Cruise Trip

Registration country?

Each cruise ship is registered in a particular country and on board the insurance rules of that country apply. So if you are traveling in Europe on an American ship, for example, you are actually traveling on American territory on board and your ATTO is not insured. In the ports, of course, you are insured again.

Have a good trip!

Choose freedom with ATTO

Conec Care is an official dealer of ATTO. We rent and sell ATTO throughout Europe and through our sister companies also in Canada and South America. You can visit us by appointment, but we are also happy to come to you.

Call us at 085 48 99 400 for an appointment or more information. Would you prefer us to call you?

Choose freedom with ATTO

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