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AD Foam Mattress

Conec Care supplies AD foam mattresses from several reputable brands. All types meet the requirements for effective prevention of pressure ulcers very well. In addition, there are also some types that can be used curatively, even up to grade 4 EPUAP.

alternating pressure mattress

Of course, Conec Care also has alternating pressure mattresses in its range. These can be used up to and including grade 4 EPUAP. The advantage of modern pumps is that they are quieter and only make noise when air needs to be added.

seat cushion

To prevent pressure sores in persons who have to sit for a long time, AD seat cushions are also widely used. Conec Care has seat cushions up to grade 4 EPUAP in its range. Optionally supplied with incontinence cover or extra breathable.

what are pressure ulcers?

Pressure ulcers are severe damage to the skin caused by permanent pressure on a specific area of skin. This pressure disrupts the circulation of the skin, preventing it from receiving oxygen and nutrients. Places where the skin is close to the bone are risk areas, for example, the heels, tailbone, and back of the head.

Pressure sores is the scientific name for bedsores. Bedsores are a common complication in people who have been admitted to the hospital or nursing home for one reason or another. It also occurs in wheelchair users.

More information about bedsores or pressure sores can be found on the site of John Hopkins Medicine, AAFP Foundation and Mayo Clinic

preventive measures

Care-dependent individuals are less mobile than healthy individuals, and therein lies a great danger. Pressure ulcers often develop within 2 weeks of admission. Adequate nursing care and alertness to risk factors are very important. Very heavy people and extremely thin people have an increased risk of pressure ulcers.

Decubitus wounds (bedsores, pressure ulcers) are painful, often slow to heal and prone to bacterial infection. These bacteria can easily enter the bloodstream and cause fatal blood poisoning. Vulnerable patients with impaired immunity are particularly at risk. If the conditions are risky, pressure ulcers can occur quickly. And this while there are plenty of ways to prevent pressure ulcers.

Key recommendations for prevention include:

  • Have the patient move around a lot or at least change recumbency all the time.
  • make sure you have good nutrition
  • fights skin infections in time
  • Provide an adequate AD mattress or pillow in a timely manner

Note: AD mattresses or pillows are in addition to more important preventive measures. Out of lack of time or ignorance, too often an AD tool is chosen as the most important measure.

AD mattress

There are several types of AD mattresses. The most important feature of a good AD mattress is its pressure distribution. This can be achieved in 2 ways. A good foam mattress is constructed so that the pressure is below a critical value in all areas. A pump mattress, or alternating pressure mattress, uses alternating pressure. By shifting the pressure within the mattress, each piece of skin has (virtually) no pressure to bear for a certain period of time.

Foam mattress

A foam mattress is carefully constructed from several layers of foam of separate composition. A firm foam is often used as a substrate to provide good support. As a top layer, one generally chooses a soft foam, which distributes the pressure well over the body. Memory foam (visco elastic foam) is often chosen as a top layer, but there are also very good mattresses without memory foam.

Alternating pressure mattress

As mentioned, an alternating pressure mattress works by rotating the pressure. You can see the air chambers in the image to the right. By alternating between filling the air chambers, there is sufficient support for the body and each part of the skin is free of pressure for a certain period of time. This turns out to be a very efficient method. A disadvantage of this type of pump mattress is the noise, energy consumption and patient perception. There are very good foam mattresses that are a full alternative to alternating pressure mattresses.

Hybrid mattress

There are also hybrid alternating pressure systems. These can be used without a pump as a self-regulating system and with a pump as an alternating system. In this way, the best solution can be chosen depending on the situation. There are also hybrid mattresses that always work without a pump. These are self-regulating systems where the use of pressure-reducing foam is combined with air chambers that can transfer pressure to other areas.

seat cushion

Wheelchair users and the elderly spend more time sitting than others on average. This, of course, carries risks similar to bedridden people. Pressure ulcers are always lurking. There are very good and affordable options on the market and Conec Care offers seat cushions from AKS, Deron and Funke Medical . Simple cushions with a preventive effect to systems that protect up to grade 4 EPUAP.

Of course, the seat cushions are available in different sizes and thicknesses.

Soof: 100% circular mattress core

Wonderful development in ‘mattress land’: Out with the chemical foam mattresses, clear the way for the circular mattress! And not only circular, also 30% lighter, better ventilating and suitable up to grade 2 EPUAP.

Do you want to make a sustainability change at home or in your healthcare facility? Ask about the possibilities.

* EPUAP stands for European pressure ulcer advisory panel