Moving Life ATTO

For anyone who would like to walk further than your legs will carry you

Freedom is here

A folding mobility solution for anyone who would like to walk further where your legs won’t carry you

Moving Life’s ATTO

A magic in transformation, and all done in seconds

Unfolded ATTO is a very comfortable mobility scooter, designed for people with a young spirit

Folded ATTO is an encapsulated trolly that follows you easily wherever you go

Split ATTO is easy to handle and to carry. It even fits in the overhead compartment of an airplaine

“I’ve been using mobility scooters for many years. 4 years ago I wanted to develop myself something else. Legs, or a legs substitute. I decided that I need something better than the mobility scooters out there. Something that goes with you whereever you go.” Nino Ransenberg

The story of Moving Life begins with a group of people who believed that mobility is vital to people’s lives, and that every effort must be made to achieve it. They decided to create better mobility solutions than the existing ones by overcoming two very painful problems that people with mobility issues have to face.

ATTO, folding mobility scooter for all ages

ATTO is designed for people who feel their independence is compromised by a medical condition. It gives them a better mobility solution, no matter what age. ATTO is functional and looks modern and fresh. It gives the user freedom to go anywhere, to choose when to ride and when to walk.


Accompany your family on a long walk with ATTO


Walk your dog with ATTO


Use your ATTO for shopping


Commute with ATTO and use public transport


Go to school with ATTO and use it indoors too


Use your ATTO on a vacation or long weekend


Go with ATTO to your favourite restaurant or cafe


Designed to be the best folding mobility scooter in the world !

ATTO sets mobility to a new standard

So small, so light, so versatile and yet so comfortable and stylish. ATTO is one of a kind and you will enjoy every minute with it


Small, light and stylish

Folded ATTO has the size of a trolly you take with you in the airplane. Full weight is 30kg and you can easily split ATTO in 2 parts for easy lifting. Both folded and unfolded ATTO looks great and has style



Fold ATTO for easy storage, handle it like a trolly. Split it into 2 (or three if you take out the battery) easy to carry parts. Unfold into a full size mobility scooter. Folding, splitting, unfolding can easily be done in seconds



ATTO is never a compromise. Thanks to its wide footprint (56cm), its comfortable ergonomical seat and the several adjustments it gives you a very comfortable and safe driving experience

Care for extra freedom?

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